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Tuesday, 8 October, 2013

I was thinking about our prior conversation on morality and the laws that govern the ghost world. As you most likely noted the other two of our group did not really share our interest in the subject so I thought instead of boring them all the time we should continue our discussion via email for the time being and possibly over lunch when this mission is over and let’s face it when I get my body back. It is an odd feeling not being connected to anything for so long, I am sure you understand the basic concept from your short times projecting but it is limiting being a sleeper, almost confining in a way, you don’t really need to sleep and there is no real need to do anything save the times we are training or during our last mission. It’s a bit nerve racking to be so disconnected for so long. Like a ship without being able to lay anchor.

Anyways back on topic, what rules really pertain to us ghosts, the laws are a given, we should obey them, but how much real power does a government have over us since there are no laws for those who can project their spirits? This I gather will change once the concept is fully accepted but for now we live in a time where it is all a grey area. I wonder how grey it is in our benefactor’s minds but that’s another conversation down the line.

The part that I wonder the most about is not the laws of the world but the laws of physics, and what prevents us from breaking them. Is it a mental barrier or are there set laws that are clearly different? You made blocks fly in the air today, so clearly we are bending what we know of the laws of physics. Just going through a wall is enough to make me wonder what else we can do. The floor, that’s one I’ve been wondering about the most. Since we can go through walls what is stopping us from going through the ground, or even falling to the center of the earth. We feel gravity, if we concentrate on moving through the floor like we do the walls will we just fall until we stop ourselves, would we be forever stuck until we are revived manually or could we, as you said, fly out of the ground if we concentrated hard enough?

Anyways these are the thoughts that are going through my mind after today’s adventure and I wanted to get your thoughts and insights on the matter since you seem as keen as I do to unlock as many of these mysteries as we find.

There is one more thing I thought I would talk to you about. You seemed surprised about how well we all took your drug use today, and really we should all be ready to have all our deepest secrets come out. The way we link up as a group makes it impossible not to discover everything about each other over time and we all have things that we worry will alienate people. Sooner or later each of us will have to face those facts and that the others will know about our darker selves. I for one am not going to judge you for your past and I would hope that the group will feel the same when mine comes to light.

Anyway I know it is late for you, I on the other hand have nothing but time, time to think.


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