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Wednesday, 9 October, 2013

Hey Markus,

It’s early but I figure you’ll be awake on account of the sleeper thing.

You raise some really interesting questions regarding physical laws. Theoretically I suppose we could break away from such things as gravity and air friction, especially as we have already managed to pass through solid objects.

I wonder whether the proximity of the spirit world to the physical is what makes this difficult. For example, the building whose walls we pass through has only existed for a few years and thus must have very little impact on the spirit world. I wouldn’t be surprised however if that ability faltered when faced with an older structure, the castles back home spring to mind. As an extension of this theory I would posit that the Earth itself, having existed for millions of years, must have a tremendous spiritual presence that would stop us from dropping through it.

As for flight however… Who knows. We should give it a try. At the very least I think I could try to lift a person as I did those blocks.

As for your other point, I thank you. I suppose there will be demons in anyone’s past. I am simply relieved that I haven’t ostracized myself from the group.

Anyway, I’ll see you at work in a couple of hours. 


P.S. Did you see the news story about the Drink? I think I may have been too blatant with the investigation yesterday. At least they didn’t get me on camera or anything.

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