Mini-Vas, Complete

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I finally got around to finding and painting a miniature for my Star Wars character. In the end I decided that I would need to do some considerable conversion work in order to make a cool Nautolan. Especially since the only Nautolan (non-jedi) figure I could find looks like this:

I ended up ordering this rad dude from the Infinity miniature game. The company behind it, Corvus Belli, puts out some amazing models. I thought this pose portrayed the Mercenary and leader aspects of my character.

The next thing I had to do was add a whole mess of tentacles to his head. I did this using modelling putty, water, and about 4 hours of sculpting time. I did the two lowest tentacles – the ones hanging over his shoulders – and his heavy brows first and let them cure before I added the rest.


I don’t do a lot of painting these days, since I stopped playing Warmachine, but this guy was really fun. Obviously I still enjoy painting, I just can’t be bothered doing units of repetitive stuff.

Anyway, I decided to go with a blue/orange contrasting colour scheme and contemplated pretty hard about making his skin blue too. I ended up going with the grey-green because it’s a more recognizable colour for a Nautolan and it provides a bit of difference on the model. I also cut his rifle down a bit and added a new barrel, as I wanted it to look a bit more boxy.0425-Vas-Painting


I couldn’t help myself…Vas-Backdrop

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