Mission #0765

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Investigative Consultant Mission Briefing

MISSION TYPE: Intelligence Gathering

LOCATION: The Drink Bar & Grill

The Drink Bar & Grill is a small sized restaurant by day and nightclub by night. Due to it’s location (about two blocks from the poorest and most dangerous neighborhoods in the city) it has been known to be unsuccessful and change owners frequently.

Paulo Putanesca (Mid 40s) is the current owner of the establishment and the one who contacted ORPHEUS GROUP about a series of ‘disturbances’. He claims that a ghost is haunting the establishment and that the reason behind the bar’s unsuccessfulness is because it has been cursed by some sort of malevolent being.

Mr. Putanesca claims that a ghost has been leaving behind roses around the building. Unconvinced of the mysterious nature of the roses he ignored it for a few months thinking it was some sort of practical joke. Two weeks ago he witnessed a series of red glowing lights that led him out back to the alleyway where he discovered a bouquet of red roses sitting in a puddle of blood. He claims that the roses themselves were bleeding. He preceded to call the police who accused Mr. Putanesca of calling a false alarm when they discovered no pool of blood or roses.

Since then Mr. Putanesca has contacted ORPHEUS group to investigate and deal with the alleged haunting. He is a religious man and believes that this spirit deserves to be put to rest and pass on to its intended course. He is paying extra to have this service performed.

The primary objective, is to determine the nature and threat of these disturbances. Use real world and supernatural resources to investigate the establishments history and PLE presence. The entity involved is likely harmless but as always use extreme caution when dealing with PLEs due to their unpredictable nature.

The secondary objective, is to study the PLE and assist it in ‘passing on’ using whatever methods deemed necessary. Remember that studying the dead is far more useful to ORPHEUS than simply destroying it.

Mr.Putanesca is the only person who has witnessed the disturbance in the alleyway, but many club goers have seen the roses which are usually found on the bar and/or tables. The resident DJ, DJ MAESTRO (early 20s) is the only person who has worked for the bar greater than a year. He might have insight into past happenings at the bar.

Previous owners of The Drink have been known to have had connections with street gangs and organized crime. There have been cases of gang violence, drug dealing and arson within the club. Mr. Putanesca has had no serious criminal record and has recently renovated the bar hoping to draw a new crowd.

There have been reports of drug addicts and party goers who have had the ability to witness the dead. The previous investigative consultant team that did the Intel for this mission was discovered incorporeal by a group of addicts with these newly developed abilities. Use caution while investigating as this could compromise the mission.

THREAT TAG:  Blip-Class Green

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