New Stars

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Here’s a little illustration inspired by a song of mine that everyone seems to like.0805-NewStars

Caught myself drifting down the line, and I had lost all track of time.
This mean ol’ ship she barely, keeps herself together these days.
But I’d still tell ya that I’m fine.

I bought my guns from outta town, but I don’t really need ’em now.
Since law and order showed me, aint no place for heroes these days.
I took them guns and laid ’em down.

A pretty girl she took my life, cut it out of my chest with a knife.
This heart of gold is rusting, not so desired these days.
Oh these damn girls, they bring me strife.

But what do you know, there’s a great black hole in my path.
So I’ll go, into the unknown.
And I’m no fool, but it’s got me in it’s gravitational pull.
I said, “Boy soon you’ll be seeing some new stars.”

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