The Soldier (United Wastes)

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The wilderness of the United Wastes has fallen into chaos in only twenty short years. In a world of mutated wildlife and vicious raiders, where much of mankind cowers behind walls, the soldier stands tall against all enemies and survives against all odds. Soldiers can hail from any background but are defined by their affinity for weaponry, armour and the rush of combat.

Soldiers form the backbone of modern society in the United Wastes as every settlement, city, farm, and caravan is in need of protection and so Soldiers are in high demand. As diverse as the people they defend Soldiers run the gamut from mercenary to sheriff to military commander.

With battlefield experience comes battlefield ability and Soldiers learn quickly to take advantage of their adrenaline and to catch their breath when they can. As a universally hardy sort the Soldiers of the United Wastes also tend to handle the process of Transmutation better than anyone else, and so many Soldiers complement their skills with practical mutations like reinforced bones and night vision.


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