Weird Dream Report #4

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Haven’t done one of these in a while…

The earliest part I remember is that I had just escaped a school/palace that was under attack and reached the first save point. It looked like a rift from Dragon age Inquisition and sure enough my hand was glowing green in order to activate it. My team was leaving on a sci-fi space shuttle that would take us to the next mission and sure enough there were three others in my team, including Lucio from Overwatch.

The Scene cut to a pair of shadowing big-government peeps saying that they were going to assassinate one of our team members. Cut again to Jude law as a very human Jarvis who was repeating the shadowy conversation word for word to Iron Man, who sprang into action. He quickly put on a black and white suit and headed to the rocket launch pad at his house which he then used to head into the stratosphere. As the rocket blazed across the sky the general public could be seen reacting to the trail of smoke overhead. Members of being both the avengers and justice league noticed the launch and start following. Superman flew forward in short bursts and his speed created a shockwave that melted the snowfall around him, turning winter into spring. He few forward again, and again, and then sideways where he accidentally crashed into some garden sheds. I laughed and commented to someone that they keep him at a distance when flying because the CG is shitty.

And then we were back on our shuttle, about to land at our destination, a big DnD dungeon crawling larp. We delved a few floors down and I had managed to take down two skyrim dragon priests with my sword and good use of walls for cover. Everything around us, the floors, doors, and walls, were made of foam mattress material but it seemed strong enough and was standing just fine.

Eventually we descended to a floor that I vaguely recalled as being very dangerous (because as usual I had read through the module when it first came out). There was a big inscription near the entrance but two of my party members strolled straight past. I stopped the last one and we read to discover that the floor blocked healing magic. Nevertheless, We cautiously ventured on, until a super tall dude dressed in black and red armour and holding a scythe came around the corner and I remembered about Abaddon, the boss, who can detect anyone’s location while they’re on it. I told my party to run, because I knew this guys was trouble, but it was too late and one of them was cut down by the scythe. A second party member foolishly rushed forwards and the remaining two of us turned tail.

We ran back down a bunch of stairs and lost sight of each other on the way. I reached the bottom of the stairs first and turned a corner to find a dead end where the exit should have been. I was dead certain that there used to be a door there so after a quick scan of the area behind me to make sure I didn’t miss something obvious, I began to search for secret doors. I got right up close to the wall with my heart pounding, there was a demon bearing down on me after all, and after a few seconds of frantic searching I spotted a row of sewing pins pushed into the foam of the wall. I pushed the area and found that the pins were holding the seam of a secret door in place. I thought about how clever the designers of this larp were to make these secret doors even as I pushed through. On the other side I found a small square room. It seemed that while we were delving the corridors behind us had been sealing up with secret door after secret door. I would have to remember the layout of the entry halls if I wanted a clue as to which walls to check first. It was at this point that I started to wake up.

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