A New Year

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Over the years the rate of new posts has gone from one per day, to three per week, and down to its current two per week. The motivation behind this has always been to spend more time working on each piece but that hasn’t always been the case.
Well it’s a new year and time for highscore kid to undergo another change. 2015 will be a year of less and more. Less finished pieces. This will hopefully stop me from rushing work or producing filler material. Yet I plan for there to be more posts. These will be work-in-progress pieces, sketches and general insights into my process.
The new schedule will be Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, starting now.
I’m working on a series of characters and locations for an imaginary movie/game. The idea is to iterate on these concepts until I’m satisfied and then make some artwork showcasing the kind of adventures that could take place.

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