August Update – New outfits

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As always, there were a bunch of commissions that I can’t post here. However, it has still been a busy month. I posted a series of encounter maps to my Patreon for all my dungeoneer patrons.

I also ran a short giveaway at the start of the month with two winners getting a character bust each.

In the roll20 game I’ve been playing, my wizard reached 8th level and acquired a staff of Thunder and Lightning, which I themed as a mechanical arm since he’s a scientist and a tinkerer. It was very interesting to work on this and be able to compare his current look to the original level 1 illustration I did back in January.

I also took part in Outfit August, drawing multiple outfits for a particular character based on a list of prompts. I decided to draw both Kel and Aura cause I couldn’t decide between them. I didn’t quite complete the set because of some personal family stuff that was going on, but I think it was a pretty solid effort.

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