July Update – Introducing Aura

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There’s a bunch of illustrations from this month that I can’t post, but rest assured I worked on about 7 different commissioned pieces. Aside from that, I decided to start development on a D&D character, with the intention of creating someone I could draw more than once! After some concepting, I settled on an Air Genasi Eldritch Knight, as I wanted a character who was predominantly martial in focus, but who could slowly unlock more air/wind/lighting based abilities thanks to their elemental heritage. The result was Aura, a non-binary former mercenary who values freedom above all else, even going so far as to claim that concepts such as honour and duty are just another means of control for the powerful.

This month works out very well for my dungeoneer Patrons as July just happened to deliver a bonus map for them. These pieces are all locations within a ruined city that players will be exploring in one of my future campaigns. You can get access to high-resolution version of these maps, and may more, by clicking this link and pledging only $4 a month.

Finally, here are some more personal pieces. One depicting a scene from my Sunday D&D crew, Hot for Danger, and a line-up of the main characters from my D&D Podcast, Tales of the Nomad Earth, which you can listen to by clicking this link.

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