September update – characters new and old

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I finally got around to illustrating my longest running character this month. Luck-of-the-Draw is a Tabaxi Hex-Sword-Bard (1/12) that I was really loathe to attempt drawing because I wasn’t sure if I could do justice to his lionfolk nature. So, I collected a bunch of references and just went for it.

I also started playing in a Ghosts of Saltmarsh campaign with my Roll20 group, rolling up a celestial warlock named Corvus who basically prays to whichever god he thinks might help him from moment to moment. I also wanted to build him around the concept of summoning weapons and armour, so lots of Mage Armor, Armor of Agathys, and when he hits 3rd level Shadow Blade.

As per usual, I also drew up a set of maps and will probably need to find a new location to work on, as the ruined city is pretty much complete.

Finally, here are a couple of commissioned pieces, and some test drawings of what my Barbarian character Kel might look like soon. He’s heading back into familiar territory and needs to get out of his recognizable clothing.

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