May-Jun UPDATE, post-apocalypse

Well, we seem to be post-apocalypse down here in New Zealand anyway. The rest of the world is still on fire though. These last two months found me moving back up to Auckland and finally kicking off the new D&D campaign with my Monk.

But as always, let’s start with a preview of the Patreon maps I made. Half of these are designed for use as battle royale arenas and if you’re signed up as a patron they’ve been posted there with a suite of custom tricks and rules for running interesting combats in these locations.

Yeah, so I may be getting little obsessed with this character. But honestly, it’s been really interesting to keep sketching and drawing and refining the look and feel of the character. She also underwent a few name changes too. From Artemis to Aquila, and then when I realised there were going to be two other ‘A’ names in the party I settled on Morrigan.

I saw this awesome piece of photography and felt it fit a moment from her backstory so I used it as a bit of a reference study.

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