Jul-Aug Update, Sequential

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There were two big changes for me over these months. The first of which was the beginning of my new in-person D&D game. So while I was forced to settle on a starting look for my monk, Morrigan, I didn’t exactly let up on the drawing front. In fact, after telling a piece of her backstory to one of the other characters in a fairy-tale style I decided to make a short comic.

And yeah, now that I’ve settled on her starting look it’s time to start thinking of the future! Here’s a bunch of sketches exploring different multiclass and advancement options.

Which led conveniently into the #OutfitAugust prompt, which I readily took up as a way to stay busy over the second Covid-19 lockdown in Auckland.

The other big thing for me was the decision to shut down my Patreon. There were a couple of final maps that went up, but ultimately I decided it wasn’t worth my time anymore (it literally worked out to the equivalent of being paid about $0.50 an hour). I’ll still draw maps, but they’ll be for myself when I want to, as opposed to feeling like I need to stick to a weekly schedule.

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