Jan-Feb 2021, Distractions

Oof, this year is off to something of a start… My art-making time has taken a bit of a hit, mostly thanks to the fact that I started an amazing new job! So yes, congrats to me, but I’m afraid the art round-up for these two months is a little thin.

Some interesting things have been happening in my D&D game, not the least of which is Morrigan almost perishing (2 failed death saves). I decided to commemorate the close call with a scar and am thinking of adding a new one any time she takes a big hit. To keep track of them across my illustrations, I whipped up a scar/tattoo chart (yeah she’ll be getting some of them soon too).

Some folks at my new workplace were planning an Age of Sigmar campaign with the new armies they’ve just started collecting, and I offered to GM. Naturally this meant I needed to make a map of the territories they’d be fighting over! This one is still in progress, and has already undergone some dramatic adjustments as the number of players changed.

I also foolishly tried to take a break from drawing Morrigan to illustrate a new fantasy character. But man, I just don’t have the passion for any other characters right now, heh. I did still enjoy playing with the pose.

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