Sep-Oct update, space, ice, and fancy new clothes

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Wow, so those two months went by fast. Anyway, while I carried on with some commissions that are still under NDA, the first few weeks of September also saw a couple of sci-fi maps come my way. These were both commissioned by the lovely folks at Spaceships & Starwyrms.

I also made a couple of maps for myself as I kicked off a game of Rime of the Frostmaiden and realised there were a few snowy gaps in my library. Firstly, somewhere urban for those rare encounters that occur in town, and then its polar opposite: a windswept tundra.

And of course, I worked on a series of portraits of my favourite D&D characters, including a new armour design for my Barbarian/Paladin, Kelthael, and a luchador-style disguise for Morrigan to attend underground tournaments incognito. And of course, some art and memes of my Monday group’s favourite rogue, Oriana.

I also closed out October by finishing off two D&D modules, which are now available on the DMs Guild. Escape from Minmax Prison is the third part of my Among Thieves series. The Secret of Mossfort Village is a fun horror-themed one-shot.

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