Khegg and Jagwyn meet their match

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I ran an RPG session for my brothers last night, using a really basic and story-focussed ruleset of my own devising. Khegg, the orc monk, and Jagwyn, an elven ranger, set out to help a Gnome and a dwarf retrieve an artifact from a sunken fort.

They had no trouble besting the lizardmen in the marshes, coming out of that fight with only minor scratches. But when faced with a logic puzzle the mighty warriors ground to a halt and had to call on their new gnome friend for help. One of three swords was the artifact they sought while the other two bore deadly curses, a puzzle etched into the floor held the clues to which sword was the real deal.

I was improvising the whole session so I did a quick google search and found this puzzle here.0117-KheggandJagwynMeetTheirMatch
The fort they were in used to belong to a mighty hero of ages past named Gilgamesh. Legends say that he lost the first tourney that he entered. Three statues stood in the room, each presenting a sword on outstretched hands. Only one of them belonged to Gilgamesh, while the other two belonged to the two knights who beat him.




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