Pay To Wing

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In case you’re not interested in the Elder Scrolls Online and haven’t been listening out for the ruckus I’ll fill you in. Or at least provide links so you can catch up. The short version of it is that the developers have opted to make an entire race an exclusive pre-order bonus. Naturally I felt a compulsion to blow this all out of proportion for my comic. See if you can guess at which panel shit gets fictitious.

Now, I can see this working out for certain settings. The Warhammer 40K MMO, for example, that would restrict the hordes of free-to-play gamers to being orks, ensuring that they always outnumbered the elite Space Marines (read: paying customers). If a similar dichotomy was being created here – perhaps with Imperials being better equipped but pitted against all the other factions – I think people would be more accepting. But this is a subscription + box-price game and it’s causing some tension in it’s once-eager fans.0211-PayToWing

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