Nearth, Local Map and Recent History

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In an age lost to time, science and technology had reached such an advanced stage that the laws of physics could be bent and humanity’s very dna could be rewritten. Eventually the peoples’ hubris got the better of them and an ambitious experiment unleashed the Spellstorm. A wave of arcane energy spread out across the entire planet and scarred the earth, sea, and sky. Soon after, some people began to discover remnants of that power in themselves.


A predominantly human kingdom ruled by a noble family of royal blood. While many religions are followed by Cairnhams the churches of Erathis, Helm, and Pelor are worshipped throughout its many villages and holdings. They shared a strong alliance with the elves of Aradan up until the recent coup.


The second largest kingdom, and one that is ruled by a council of dwarf and giant clan leaders. They worship Moradin, the dwarven god of creation, above all others but do so at their forges and in their fields rather than at church services. They have trade agreements with the Brightwater Isles and Surat who ship and mine minerals for them respectively.


Secreted away from the other kingdoms, the golden forest of the elves is a beautiful land entirely blanketed in trees but for a single imposing mountain they call the Sentinel. Recently the royal family was overthrown by a military coup, leaving the kingdom in turmoil.


Very few choose to live out in the wastes of the Ishmaran Desert and fewer still travel beyond it to the Ishmaran Plateau where tribes of hobgoblins roam the countryside. Three fortified city-states, Tan Droxos, Tan Siona, and Tan Vallah, are home to three warring tribes whose constant attacks on each other are the only thing keeping them from invading elsewhere.


Also called the Brightwater Isles, these settlements are not an organised kingdom, but small individual towns who will band together if any of their neighbours are threatened.


This kingdom is ruled over by the singlular Archmage Mortimer Rence, whose protective magicks have allowed the people of his city to live their lives carefree from the dangers of the surrounding countryside. Although all agree that the Archmage is in charge he barely ever leaves his tower in the centre of the city and so the people are left to govern themselves.


Drebellan society spends most of it’s time in prayer. It’s rulers are the heads of each major church who are presided over by an internally elected high priest. The city of Drebelle is a popular destination for pilgrims of all faiths and there are temples to all gods, both good and evil, within its walls.

The Howling Plain

A windswept wasteland where nothing survives, the Howling Plain gets its name from the sound of the harsh winds whipping between the myriad standing stones that are scattered in the snow. A single fortified castle exists in the north, Konigshall, home to the last of the frost giants.


No one sets foot on the isle of Charon. As the epicentre of the Spellstorm, Charon bore the brunt of its fury. The land there is still tainted by wild magic and the few living things which manage to survive are horribly mutated. It is said that the beaches are made from bones, not sand, and that to see it’s white shores means death will soon find you.

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