Frozen Cathedral 01

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I’ve started working on a more practical map for an upcoming D&D session. This here is the catacomb level of the Frozen Citadel.


The heroes arrived in the icy land of Drebelle with the hopes of gaining the support of the Frozen Cathedral for an upcoming battle. As a popular destination for religious folk and pilgrims the world over, the Cathedral is usually home to hundreds of clerics, monks, and paladins. But the halls are found to be mostly empty, the idols and altars vandalised, and the few remaining priests speak of a new higher power.

After some investigation, the heroes discover that a dark presence lurks in the ice beneath the Cathedral and that it has recently revealed itself by brainwashing more and more of the congregation. A midnight service is witnessed as the locals emerge from a hidden staircase. Their voices join in a song that begins to melt the icy ceiling above, slightly flooding the main hall. At the culmination of the service a tentacled creature with three stacked red eyes appears in the air above the revelry and promises everyone their hearts desire. Their heads are filled with images of wealth and power. When the service ends the congregation retreats into the hidden bowels of the Cathedral.

With two of the stalwart adventurers playing along with the ritual, and the others following stealthily behind the procession, the party descends into the hidden catacombs.


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